Individual Therapy

The purpose of individual therapy is to provide an opportunity to discuss any issue or concern.  Sometimes, when issues are shared with others, a variety of responses can occur:

  • those who want to help "fix",
  • others may criticize,
  • some confess that they cannot handle hearing the issues,
  • a few may distance themselves,
  • maybe a couple of people have told you that you are "making too big of a deal about it", and
  • there could be those who get too close and don't allow space to process and grow.

It can be difficult to find someone with whom you can share in a healthy way.  If you are bothered by it, there is a good reason to address it.  I offer a confidential and nonjudgmental environment to start conversations and understand your concerns.  There is nothing too major or too minor.

Family Therapy

There are some situations in which the family dynamics need to be addressed.

For instance, maybe some members of the family do not feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and others share too much.


Maybe there is grief or addiction or parenting issues that have disrupted what was once a happy home.


Possibly, past trauma is beginning to affect your relationship.

Having a mediator to compassionately confront and work through observed patterns can allow a toxic environment to become a welcomed one.  With so many personality styles and past experiences, a mediator is sometimes needed to guide a family unit to healthier interactions.  Whether you are a couple or family in crisis, have decided to divorce, or are working toward reconciliation after a separation, we can work toward healthier relationships and respectful communication.

Group Presentations

Businesses, community organizations, and churches may be looking for something that their employees, volunteers, or members could use to improve habits, interactions, or communication.  In working with a psychiatric hospital, a company that counseled groups and individuals on probation, and in private practice, I've observed clients from all walks of life.

No one is immune from mental health and relationship issues.

Many issues can affect an environment (depression, anxiety, trauma, communication styles, and interpersonal skills, etc.).  We can meet and discuss the most critical issues to help decide which direction to take, or I can present on a topic that has already been decided.  Some organizations may want to offer a process or support group onsite, and others may simply want a facilitator to be present for a certain event or meeting.  I look forward to discussing your needs and a variety of options!

Your Story Matters

Your story matters.  Your goals matter.  Your growth matters.  You matter.
     Your journey has been directed by so many forces -- internal and external.  Examining those factors and how you processed them will help determine your future path.  You may be at a point where you feel numb or frustrated or where you feel so many emotions that you don't know where to start!
     Although knowing some of your past experiences is helpful, that is not the main focus of therapy.  Looking at how those experiences shaped your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs is critical.
     Developing a treatment plan will be a team effort.  A balance of listening, asking questions, and guidance will be combined in order to point you in the direction you want to go.  Maybe you don't know which way to go next?  That is something we can weave into the treatment plan.
    Having traumatic experiences in your story is heartbreaking.  Sometimes, shame can be a part of those memories, and I would like to help you take shame out of your story.  My hope is that you will be guided to a more balanced view of what was and what was not in your control.
     We will work together to find patterns in your story -- healthy and unhealthy -- that will lead you toward greater purpose and contentment and relationships.  My goal is to guide you to be able to experience emotions you have once avoided and realize your strength that is only visible when you can see the value of accepting yourself just as you are.